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Experts in sustainable vegetation management solutions and urban forest monitoring

ArborCarbon want to help you build a legacy of thriving trees
and sustainable ecosystems.


We are committed to the
sustainable management of vegetation.

The accurate diagnosis of vegetation health disorders is critical to the implementation of correct and successful management strategies.

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Extremely Qualified
We are the most qualified vegetation health experts in the Asia Pacific region providing services in diagnosis, monitoring and sustainable management of vegetation.
Trust & Integrity
Our partnerships with collaborators and relationships with our clients are based on trust and integrity.
We continually develop innovative products and services based on the latest scientific research, many of these exclusive to our company to provide better outcomes for our clients.
Demonstrated Expertise
We have demonstrated expertise in completing numerous projects in the government and private sectors. Our high level of expertise gives us a greater ability to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
Environmental Ethics
We are committed to sustainability and environmental ethics.
Building a Legacy
We exist to help society build a legacy of thriving trees and sustainable ecosystems by creating healthy and resilient environments in which vegetation will flourish, and promoting the value of trees and associated ecosystems to society.
Founded by Need
ArborCarbon was founded in response to the needs of prospective clients for the accurate diagnosis, precise monitoring, and sustainable management of vegetation.
Diverse Skills
Our personnel have worked on projects in the fields of forest pathology, urban forestry, landscape ecology, remote sensing, precision agriculture, precision horticulture, precision urban forest management and precision turf management.


Check out a few of our recent projects.

our products

Our products will help you diagnose, monitor and manage the health of your vegetation.

Unmanned Airborne Systems

Precision Monitoring

High Quality German-built X8 Copter with large payload, retractable legs, lightweight and compact, smart design and fully integrated with our range of precision sensors.

  • CarbonCore Cortex UAS for Aerial Videography
  • CarbonCore Cortex for Precision Diagnosis and Monitoring
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Multispectral & Hyperspectral Sensors

Precision Imaging

Our range of light-weight hyperspectral and multispectral sensors have a wide range of applications in precision diagnosis and monitoring of vegetation. These are portable and can be used in the field, laboratory or mounted to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

  • Cubert UHD285 – Hedgehog
  • Cubert UHD185 – Firefly
  • Cubert UHD128/137 – Butterfly
  • Cubert UHD219 – Raccoon
  • Quest Condor3 UAV – VNN & NDVI
  • Quest Condor5 UAV
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Implants & Injectors

Tree Care

If vegetation health disorders are diagnosed correctly, in many cases, they can be treated to mitigate the decline in health and ensure many years of sustainable management.

  • PHOSCAP (High phosphate 0-50-30)
  • MEDICAP MD (12-4-4)
  • MEDICAP FE (Iron)
  • MEDICAP MN (Manganese)
  • MEDICAP ZN (Zinc)
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Diagnostic Kits

Accurate Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of vegetation health disorders is critical to the implementation of strategies for future sustainable management. ArborCarbon supplies a range of products to fulfill this purpose.

  • Diagnostic Kits
  • Inexpenisve Results
  • Rapid Results
  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Analyse Plant Disease
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News and Publications!

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ArborCarbon publications

Our scientists are committed to conducting world-class research and communicating their findings in international peer reviewed publications.

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Speaking Engagements

Our scientists are regularly invited to speak at national and international events.

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Speaker at the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Orlando Conference

I attended my 3rd International Society of Arboriculture Conference and this was my 2nd where I presented. The topic of my presentation was ‘Precision Urban Forest Management’. This was my first visit to Orlando, a city full of Disney and Live Oaks.

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